The British Hyperbaric Association is a charitable organisation promoting and supporting the use of hyperbaric medicine in the British Isles.

EVENT BOOKING: Tickets now available for the Joint Scientific Conference of British Hyperbaric Association and UK Dive Medical Committee being held in London 2nd - 4th November 2023.

The BHA operates a helpline which offers emergency medical advice to divers and healthcare professionals caring for divers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This service is not commissioned by the NHS and is provided free of charge on behalf of the BHA.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment which significantly increases the amount of oxygen available to the body’s tissues, thereby creating an environment that is more conducive to healing certain conditions.

Membership of the British Hyperbaric Association is made up of representatives from hyperbaric facilities all around the British Isles.

Many of us have always wanted to combine diving and our medical work, and Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine is a chance to do this.

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Membership of the BHA is open to hyperbaric facilities in the British Isles run by organisations that accept and treat emergency referrals for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.