A charitable organisation promoting and supporting the safe and appropriate use of hyperbaric medicine in the British Isles.

What we do at The British Hyperbaric Association


To promote the understanding and safe practice of hyperbaric medicine, through:

  • Annual scientific meetings;
  • Additional training events;
  • Regular peer review & appraisal;
  • Provision of BHA National Diving Accident Helpline for advice on emergency diving injuries.


To self-regulate, so that member chambers work within accepted clinical and technical standards and legislation in order to ensure that they deliver hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients in an appropriate and safe manner.

Share Knowledge

To encourage the exchange of information on treatment problems, a common database, the best use of resources available, and methods of closer unification.


To provide a forum for discussion of hyperbaric therapy in the British Isles, with particular consideration of:

  • Clinical indications
  • Therapeutic standards
  • Audit and research
  • Funding
  • Management


To encourage peer group review and dissemination of current medical advances. This and the previous objective are now reinforced by the BHA’s appraisal process.


To develop common patient pathways for already recognised and funded conditions, while working with commissioners, stakeholders in the NHS and private sectors, and above all patients to further the benefits of HBOT to as wide an audience as possible.


Charitable objectives

For the public benefit, the relief of sickness and preservation of health, by:

a) Promoting the advancement of education and knowledge in the field of Hyperbaric medicine.

b) Consulting in matters of educational or public interest concerning Hyperbaric medicine.

c) Developing and maintaining good practice of Hyperbaric medicine by ensuring the highest professional standards of competence.